About Juan Mejia


“Everyone has a chance to make their dream a reality, it just takes a leap of faith and a lot of hard work.”

Juan Mejia – My Story

Originally from Medellin, Colombia and migrated to Atlanta, Georgia in 2001. He, along with his mother, arrived to the United States with few belongings and high hopes to achieve the American Dream. While pursuing his collegiate studies, Juan led the Association of Latino Professionals for America (ALPFA) and brought underclassmen into leadership positions. He graduated from Kennesaw State University with a BBA in International Business and a concentration in Finance. Juan has overseen corporate operationsfor food and beverage chains in the southeast. In 2016, he founded JCM Ventures to aid entrepreneurship and scale businesses. A hands-on member in all his companies, Juan works alongside each team to ensure brand consistency and strong reputation.

As a consultant and professional leader, Juan sees an opportunity in every business model, start-up idea, and individual that is hungry for more. He learned at a young age that success is not served on a silver platter. It takes courage, dedication, and learning from mistakes made along the way to reach a professional dream. Juan embodies the unique combination of fresh ideas and personal experience to assist those ready to dedicate their efforts to make their idea come to life. With his background as a manager and controller, Juan is able to bring the business textbook theories to life.

At the heart of Juan’s life is his volunteer work and passion for the community. Outside of work, he is highly integrated in the community by serving as a leader in multiple non profits and encouraging the younger generation to dream big and prepare to fight and work for that dream. For over ten years, he has volunteered with Ser Familia, Inc., serving families in their youth program division. In 2017, Juan was named the Community Partnerships & Events Chair for the Hispanic Young Professionals & Entrepreneurs (HYPE), a branch of the Georgia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. Now, he oversees the HYPE’s finances and serves the Director of Development for the Chamber. Through his volunteer efforts, he works closely with community leaders in order to connect, develop, and empower young professionals and entrepreneurs through community, economic, and leadership opportunities. Juan’s bicultural upbringing allows him to view life from two diverse perspectives. As an avid traveler, Juan understands that cultures play an important role in both the professional and personal life. He sees knowledge as power and works to further his knowledge through continuing personal and professional development. Juan believes in instilling in people the drive and tools to allow them to achieve their unimaginable potential.

“Everyone has a chance to make their dream a reality, it just takes a leap of faith and a lot of hard work.”

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